ALL IN: $128,840

LAND: $33,980





September 24, 2023


The only land we’ve ever really talked about around here was the easement with our driveway on it that links Lamar Alexander Parkway (321) to BCC’s property. Yes, we have a road on it, but we don’t have a sign on it. We don’t have a sign because the city code does not permit a sign on any property not owned outright. So, until we own it, no sign. 


No sign on 321 is not an issue for those who know where we are, it’s problematic for guests and emergency responders though. We have stories to back it up. We’ve talked about this easementwith each other and God (in case He doesn’t know we need it 😊). This is the property I prayed about. Like the land promised to Israel, I hope we possess it someday. 


That’s why I was surprised one afternoon, a good while ago, when Gary pointed to the property directly in front of our church building in the Industrial Park and told me why that property was the most valuable to BCC. Just to be clear, he told me, “We need it!”


He wasn’t wrong. It’s 50 steps from our front doors and adjacent. I just wasn’t sure if he knew why that property wasn’t an option, so I told him.


Nine years ago, while standing on the land with the property owner and her contractor, I saw the architectural plans to develop that property. The owner agreed to meet there to calculate if we could run a water line for BCC and not impede their masterplan. This is the day I realized our front-door neighbor would be a manufacturer.


She never went through with her plan, then we heard she sold the property. Two years ago, the new owner developed another set of plans, hired a contractor, and had a long-term lease from a local business to rent the facility upon completion.


So, tongue in cheek, I told Gary he’d better pray hard. Then we saw the large sign go up.




I thought Gary was a better pray-er than that, but I didn’t say anything.


With our new neighbor inevitable, conversations turned to the sight and sounds of a business on top of us. How close would it be? What if they manufacture on Sunday? When should we plant BIG trees? Should we add a privacy fence? When they excavate, maybe we can convince them to work on the unsightly bank and create a barrier? Will we hear annoying beeps of heavy equipment backing up?


Turns out, I was right, Gary was a better pray-er, but I didn’t say anything. 


Fast forward to a few weeks ago. An unknown man rings the front door intercom.


“Hi, my name is Jay. I own the property right there (pointing to the land just up the bank with the Industrial Warehouse Sign on it just like Gary did long before). Would the church be interested in buying it? I’d love for a church to own that property.”


If you heard Gina’s land announcement, now you know the rest of the story.


If you didn’t hear Gina’s land announcement, watch the service on September 24th.


Pastor Jeff


What is “All In?”

“All In” means completely committed.

This phrase defines the heart of BCC’ers and has been chosen as a rallying cry for this time.

What are we doing?

Finishing what we started. In 2016, BCC’ers completed Phase One of a two-phased project which is the first half of the facility. Now it’s time to finish Phase Two.

Why are we doing it? Why are we doing it now?


Pastors, staff, leaders, and volunteers believe God is directing this faith step.


Overcrowding in BCCKids and Gathering Area. NO dedicated space for students. Unfinished Auditorium. Inadequate parking.

To love others.

Overcrowding reduces effectiveness, creates problems, and undermines the mission to love others. We want our incredible facility to allow guests and BCC'ers to experience God without distractions.

To finish what was started

As good stewards, the plan has always been to maximize the building and grounds and leave a legacy for future generations.

To Stay on Mission

Over half of Blount County is not connected to a church family. The mission of the Church is to love God and love others both inside and outside of the Church.

Aren’t we BIG enough?

See Pastor Jeff’s BLOG above dated June 2, 2023.

Have you considered multi-site campuses?

Yes. Currently, BCC’s pastors believe the most effective evangelistic strategy is to complete the Master Plan, stay on mission, and continue supporting new churches.

What will be constructed?

Dedicated Student Ministry Space

Increased Children’s Ministry Space

Completed Auditorium

Enlarged Parking

Enlarged Gathering Area

Dedicated rooms for Volunteers, Adults, AV, and Guests


Is anyone hesitant?

Yes. Faith steps and tension hang out together.

Will this change us?

Yes, just like moving from Maryville College to Alcoa High School changed us. Just like moving from being portable to a permanent facility changed us. Completing Phase Two likely won’t change us as much as the transition to Alcoa or a permanent facility.

What won’t change?

Our calling to be outward-focused and intentionally reach those outside of the Church.

Our calling to reach and pass ownership of Jesus’ mission to the Next Generation.

Our mission to love God and love others.

Our resolve to create a community that feels like home.

Our determination to be FOR Blount and make our community better.

Pastor Kenny crying.

Sweeping up dried rice after Rise Against Hunger.

Open doors for families to celebrate the birth of the Savior at Christmas Wishes.

Every room being a multi-purpose workspace for ministry.

Family and Group outdoor spaces to play, eat, and talk (although they may be moved).

Questions We Have No Answers To...

but don’t mind guessing😊

When will construction start?

We’re not sure. SarahBeth and Steven hope next week. Maybe the end of 2024 or early 2025. Construction documents and a financial plan must be in place before beginning construction.

How long will construction take?

We’re not sure. Pastor Jeff (who doesn’t use tools) and Pastor Kenny (whose largest construction project to date is a lemonade stand) say construction took about a year in Phase One and expect the same for Phase Two. Again, consider the sources.

How much will it cost?

We’re not sure. Cost is a big concern for Gina. Maybe 6-8 million dollars, but we won’t know for a while.

What will it look like?

We’re not sure. Leaders want more storage. Dave wants an adult classroom. Gary hopes it’s easy to maintain. All Danny is concerned about is a finished Auditorium. Paige demands a Volunteer Room, but you’ll have to ask her about that. BCC Students needs space. Marlea says she’ll take pictures of whatever it looks like. What we do know is that it should reflect our current style, with utility and multi-purpose as a priority for all spaces.

Will we be without a building for any time?

Yep. We’re not sure how long, but portability is in our DNA, so we got this.

Email if you have any other questions.


Would you take the ALL IN prayer challenge? Would you commit to spending some time in earnest prayer every day for the next 30 days? Not only will you enjoy God’s presence, but you’ll begin to see answers to prayer. In prayer, there is no place to stop, but there is a place to start. Start today.  “Pray without ceasing.”

A 30-Day Prayer Guide

There are many things and people for which we should pray every day. Each day of this 30-day prayer calendar provides a specific prayer emphasis. The daily prayer assignment is meant to remind you to pray specifically. Write down additional needs that are personal to you and keep a journal of answers to prayer. Meditate on the Word of God and claim God’s precious prayer promises.

Day 1 – Pray for a clean heart. Psalm 19:12-14

Day 2 – Pray for your Pastors and those who teach you God’s Word. Romans 15:30, 2 Thessalonians 3:1

Day 3 – Pray that God will help you live consciously in His presence today.  Psalm 5:3, 55:17

Day 4 – Pray for people far from God to come to know the Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 10:1

Day 5 – Pray for those who are sick. James 5:16

Day 6 – Pray for a Christian who is away from the Lord. Habakkuk 3:1-2

Day 7 – Pray for BCCer you know who is going through a trial. Psalm 18:6, 50:15

Day 8 –Pray in faith for God to work in a seemingly impossible situation. Matthew 21:22, Mark 11:24

Day 9 – Pray for Freedom House and Isaiah House. Matthew 18:19-20

Day 10 – Pray for the President and those in leadership in our nation. 1 Timothy 2:1-2

Day 11 – Pray for God’s protection for our military personnel. Hebrews 4:16

Day 12 – Pray for God’s comfort for a family that has lost a loved one. Luke 18:1

Day 13 – Pray for Volunteers at BCC. Matthew 9:38

Day 14 – Pray for your family. Philippians 4:6-7

Day 15 – Pray for wisdom for BCC’s upcoming decisions. James 1:5, Romans 8:26

Day 16 – Pray for opportunities to share your story. 1 John 5:14-15

Day 17 – Pray that God will deliver you and those you love from evil. Matthew 6:13, Mark 14:38

Day 18 – Pray for God’s power. Jeremiah 33:3, Matthew 17:20-21

Day 19 – Pray that your joy might be full in Christ. John 16:24, Romans 12:12

Day 20 – Pray for the will of God to be done in your life today. Matthew 6:10

Day 21 – Pray for revival and renewal. 2 Chronicles 7:14, Psalm 85:4-6

Day 22 – Pray for God’s blessing on BCC. Ephesians 6:18

Day 23 – Pray for those with whom you have had conflict. Matthew 5:44

Day 24 – Pray for God’s Word to be real in your life. John 15:7, 1 John 3:21-22

Day 25 – Pray about matters that are troubling you. 1 Peter 5:7

Day 26 – Pray for a new believer to be strengthened in the Lord. Colossians 1:9-11

Day 27 – Pray for God to be glorified through your prayers. John 14:13

Day 28 – Pray for a fellow BCCer who has been discouraged. Philippians 1:3-6

Day 29 – Pray for God’s great supply for every need. Luke 11:9-10, James 4:2

Day 30 – Pray for a grateful heart. Psalm 28:6, Colossians 4:2