What are Community Groups?

Why Community Groups instead of Sunday School?  BCC believes in adults building relational connections through Community Groups.  It is in these groups where Bible study takes place and applications to biblical principles come alive.  Community Group members fellowship, pray together and support one another through times of celebration and life’s harsh trials.  It is in Community Groups where BCC’ers learn to Love God and Love Others.  Community Groups are the “heartbeat” of BCC.

How do Community Groups work?  They meet weekly in homes from Labor Day to Memorial Day.  Groups make their own decisions about what studies to do and what mission projects to support. Meetings generally last two hours and include food, fellowship, study and prayer. Community Groups with couples are formed in this priority order:  (1) similar ages, (2) availability, day of the week, and (3) location, close to the host home.  Singles’ groups are formed by gender first.  A full Community Group consists of 5 – 6 couples or 6 – 9 singles. 

What about children?  Parents take them to the meetings! This creates a “families loving/supporting families” environment.  Child care is provided with the assistance of group members. The cost for the sitter is shared between families. BCC will reimburse families where there is a financial need. 

How do you join a Community Group?  GroupLink is held in August and January. Now is the time to register for a group. You can register at the GroupLink table in the Gathering Area on Aug 14th or 21st or you can click here to register.

Questions? Contact dean@blountchurch.org