BCC College is designed specifically for 18-24 year olds. We know that this stage of life consists of unique challenges that require wisdom, patience, and confidence. Our desire is to be a place where you can grow in your relationships with God and others and get to exercise and expand your influence. Whether you’re currently in college, in the work-field, or just trying to figure out life, we would love for you to be a part of what we are doing! The best way to get to know what we are doing is to check it out one Wednesday evening from 7:00pm to 9:00ish. No matter who you are, where you are from, what you may think about yourself, we are here for you and you are always welcome! For more information, email bmcmurray@fca.org

  • We want to help you grow in your faith, whether that's a very first step as a new follower of Jesus or by providing opportunities for the experienced believer to continue maturing. BCC College is a space you can connect with other students and leaders who will be available to talk about whatever is going on in your life, how God wants to be involved in it, and how you can grow in your relationship with Him. Wherever you are, we’d love to help you take your next step to grow!

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  • We know serving can change our perspective and entirely affect our faith in the greatest of ways. We embrace the opportunity to influence others by serving at Blount Community Church, in and around our neighborhood, and all over the world. Serving is not what we do, it is who we are! You can jump on a volunteer team to help make things happen on Sundays, sign up to go on a mission trip, or get involved with us locally as we serve communities and people of Blount County.

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  • Everyone is on a journey, and God will often position you to help lead someone through their journey. Leadership is influence, and we are encouraging college students to put their influence to work! There are many opportunities for leadership with Blount Community Church through BCC College. Our ministries can not do what they do without the generosity and leadership of our volunteers. Become an integral piece to our teams, and flex your influence for God's glory!

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Don't just take a website's word for it. Check it out for yourself! BCC College currently meets on Wednesday evenings beginning at 7:00pm and ending... well, some time around 9:00ish. See for yourself the difference intentional community can make. See ya Wednesday!



7:00pm - 9:00pm(ish)

1533 W. Lamar Alexander Pkwy.


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