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Stine family in kenya

Adam and Mckenzie Stine are missionaries are sharing the Good News of Jesus in Kenya, Africa. They are doing this by partnering with other missionaries, teaching sustainable farming techniques, and training local pastors. 

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Freedom House HaitI

The Freedom House Haiti is a children's home in Croix Des Bouquets, Haiti that cares for 27 children rescued from slavery or extreme poverty. Most of the children at the Freedom House were restaveks (child slave) or in extremely poor conditions. A restavek is a child that has been given to another family as a servant in hopes to have their basic needs met. Usually these kids are between the ages of 4-15. They do all the household chores, cooking, cleaning, washing and fetching water. They are often abused and most likely do not go to school.

We can’t change the fact that this still happens in Haiti but we can change the lives and future for our kids. These kids now have FREEDOM everyday and NEVER have to worry about where their next meal will come from or shoes for their feet. We want to give these kids a lifetime of Love, Hope and Freedom to be the change for Haiti's future.

Blount Community Church has been an amazing support church for the Freedom House by continuously pouring out their hearts for the children and working hard to not only meet the needs but exceed them for a higher quality of life that gives these precious kids a solid foundation to grow upon.

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Annual MissioN Opportunities

We have so much going on here throughout the year when it comes to missions and we want you to be a part of them. Click here to email us for more information on the mission opportunity that catches your eye.

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  • Atchley Lunch : May-July

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  • Love Pact : September

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  • Family Promise : Monthly

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