We're creating opportunities for students to connect with God and others as they navigate and discuss issues relevant to their lives. Young people are facing more social challenges than ever before, and we’re encouraging 7th through 12th grade students to own their faith as they mature and face these challenges head on. Life is hard, and we're not perfect! We just want to love God and love students. We want to know Jesus and make Him known. We want to grow in our relationship with Christ and influence with others.


Get There 4:30pm  |  Get Home 6:30pm


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Parents, know that the safety and spiritual well-being of your student takes priority with BCC Students. Our leaders would appreciate the opportunity to introduce themselves to you. Feel free to stop in, and check it out!

Email Students@BlountChurch.org for more information.

The UprisinG | On Demand


We hope you will consider hanging out with us some time! We made this quick video to let you know what you can expect when you visit. Quick heads up... Do not expect Matt to be good at ping pong. We have people for that! Click HERE to learn more about BCC Students.


Jesus is changing the lives of students in Blount County, and they want you to know about it! 

Click on their image below to hear some of our student's testimony for why they are being baptized.

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You never know just what might happen! We surprised a student with picking her up from school and carpool karaoke-ing to her favorite tunes on the way home. Click HERE, and watch the ride.

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