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A Note from our Lead pastors

Blount Community Church is a result of God calling some of His followers to start a new church in Blount County that loves and seeks Him above all else and intentionally loves others by reaching out to those who do not have a church family. This is our mission: to love God and love others. It is clear and simple.

God made Blount Community Church clear to me (Jeff) in January 2005 when He constantly interrupted my prayers and began revealing visions of BCC. God did the same for me (Kenny) when He told me to pack up and move my family back to Maryville in 2007. And God continues to assemble a growing family who tries to follow Him and a team of leaders that seek Him in serving the mission of the church.

We realize for some this talk about God speaking to us and directing our lives may sound weird. That's okay. There was a time we would have agreed and found this weird too. In fact, even now, we don't understand it all. But the truth is, God is real and He speaks to us. If you stick around BCC long enough, you will discover this on your own.

We don't know why you have chosen to visit our site. Our hope is you are one of the many in Blount County who doesn't attend church. You may not have a peaceful relationship with God and are wondering about God or church. If that is the case, we have prayed for you. We have prayed that you would personally experience the love and peace that comes in a relationship with Him. Our church family is open. We invite you to come to Blount Community Church as you are. You will not be judged. You will not be embarrassed. Our goal is for you to experience God while being with us.

If you are searching for God and wondering if a church really has something to offer, God started this church for you!

May God bless you in your spiritual journey,

Pastor Jeff and Pastor Kenny