About Groups

At Blount Community Church, we are all about building a stronger community of Christ-Followers. We believe we are stronger when we walk through life together, and our Community Groups at BCC are geared towards doing just that. We have groups for whatever life season you’re in - Couples Groups, Multi-Generational, Young Adult Singles, Women’s Groups, and Men’s Groups. Our goal is to connect you with a group so that you can not only meet new people but more importantly grow spiritually. If you are interested in learning more about our Community Groups, please feel free to contact Dave Cates at dave@blountchurch.org . He will be more than glad to answer your questions and help you get connected.

Patricia's Story

Being in my community group at BCC the last couple of years has impacted my spiritual growth and health by giving me a weekly time of rest and refreshment with friends who are open about their humanity, and who also share a desire to draw closer to God. It has given me a place in God’s family where I can minister, and be ministered to. Being a part of the Body of Christ is so important. We are not meant to fight our battles alone. "


Types of GROUPS

Three ways for adults to CONNECT at BCC! Choose the best fit for you...

  • COMMUNITY GROUPS - Small groups of adults who meet weekly in homes for Bible study, fellowship and prayer.  Community Groups are the "heart" of BCC.  
  • SHORT TERM GROUPS - Teacher/classroom style groups meeting weekly for two to four weeks on various topics such as finances or biblical topics, books, or bios,   Short Term Groups are offered randomly throughout the year.
  • COACHING - Six weekly meetings of one-on-one spiritual mentoring for individuals who want to begin with basic Christian foundation information. Mentor and individual work out meeting location and schedule. Men mentor men. Women mentor women. 

For more information contact Dave Cates at Groups@BlountChurch.org.